Elina’s Story

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“I am a social worker,” says Elina,* a young woman in Central Asia. “Every day I deal with children and teenagers from difficult families.”

She confesses it’s not easy. But she does it. She knows it’s what God has asked her to do, and her greatest desire is to be in His will.

Elina sees firsthand the challenges facing the boys and girls she works with, from children through those in their early 20s. They are accustomed to being let down by those in their lives…to feeling empty and hopeless. They tend to make poor choices…and suffer the consequences.

“They need to know how to discern between right and wrong,” says Elina.

Elina has found that knowing Jesus Christ helps her make her own decisions because His truth guides her in real, practical ways. “I learned a lot from Josh McDowell’s Right Choices Bible and Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door,” she says. And her knowledge enables her to share with the youth how right and wrong become clear when Jesus lives in their hearts.

Pointing people to the truth

Elina expresses deep gratitude for the resources she has access to, thanks to Josh McDowell Ministry. “I use them at home, too, with my sons,” she says.


  • Biblical resources translated into the heart language of the people receiving them
  • Distribution of Christian tools and materials in closed countries
  • Training and events that proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to people who are hungry for Him

Thanks to you and the essential support and resources you make accessible to Elina, she is able to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ with kids who might otherwise never learn about Him. Lives are changing all around the world because you generously share God’s truth!

Help equip people around
the world like Elina by sharing
the truth of Jesus Christ!


Christian resources translated into the local language are extremely difficult to come by in Central Asia, where Elina works. Christians often experience persecution, and obtaining Christ-centered resources is often impossible. But as you know, our priority is to reach seekers, strengthen believers, multiply disciples and build faith worldwide. We do this by providing the Christ-centered resources, training and live events our partners need to share the truth of Christ in a meaningful way and to make disciples who live for Him.

YOUR partnership is helping change lives!

Every time you give, you offer hope. You share truth. You help share the good news!

“Thank you for the content and the quality of these books,” Elina says.

Thank you for giving TRUTH this year-end, while the need it great. The support, events and Christ-centered resources you help provide are changing lives forever. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way.

*Name has been changed for security purposes

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