Stand with Josh now to reach the people of Egypt for Christ!



Josh is absolutely determined to get into Egypt…this time. You can understand why.

During his last trip there in 2013, he was actually refused entry because of his very visible stand for Christ. Egyptian security staff stopped him at passport control, escorted him to a holding room for hours, then ordered him to get on a plane and leave.

But five years have passed. And Josh feels compelled to try again. So our entire team is pushing ahead to stand for what is true. Even if Josh doesn’t make it in, the gospel and these resources WILL still be distributed by our ministry partners in Egypt.

Equip believers, pastors and Christian leaders in Egypt to reach truth seekers for Jesus in this troubled nation



Why is Josh’s trip so important?

Egypt has a huge influence on the entire region — socially, politically and spiritually. So the groundwork our team lays there will open doors to Christian ministry for spiritual growth in other Middle Eastern nations.

What’s more, Christians and truth seekers in Egypt need your support — now more than ever. Their churches are being burned, homes looted and leaders killed because of their allegiance to Christ!

But you can come alongside Egyptian congregations during these challenging days. Your gift will let our brothers and sisters in Egypt know they’re not alone AND equip them to grow in Jesus and share His truth.

Share the unchanging truth that shines in even the darkest corners

Egypt has many powerful radical groups that oppose Christ and His message of love and peace. But here’s just one example, in Josh’s words, of how the light of the gospel can penetrate even the darkest hearts…

The last time I was able to get into Egypt, I spoke at a church. In the first three rows were a number of men who sat quietly, just watching. No one told me I wasn’t supposed to, but at the end of my talk I gave an invitation to come forward and accept Christ.

But no one moved. Everyone just sat there. Until one man stepped out of the third row and came forward.

The pastor of the church was sitting next to me. He actually started to shake. At the time, I didn’t know why.

Finally, the pastor stood up and went to talk with the man. Soon after, a flood of people came forward to receive Jesus.

I didn’t know this at the time, but that man was one of the top radical leaders in the area. His group opposed the gospel, sometimes viciously. They had probably come to break up the meeting. But on that day, he sincerely accepted Christ. And because he came forward, others gained the courage to come forward too.

What’s the lesson? People are hungry — no, starving — for the truth we can share…in person and through resources like Josh’s books.



Help put More Than a Carpenter and other Josh resources into the hands of truth seekers from Egypt

Won’t you give now to help raise the $375,000 needed to share the awesome, unchanging truth of God with the people of Egypt?

Through your gift, you’ll provide deserving seekers with resources like:

The Right Choices

More than 60 attention-grabbing stories that teach kids how to make God-honoring decisions.

More Than
a Carpenter

Josh’s best-known book tells his own story about how a skeptic became a believer.

Evidence That
Demands a Verdict

This book holds the answers that believers need to defend their faith against the harshest critics.

As you share these powerful resources, you’ll help people know truth,understand why they believe it, and experience it in their relationships as they live out their faith.

A special word to you from Josh

My friend, I can’t say it more strongly…

This trip is absolutely critical to our goal of evangelizing and discipling the Egyptian people. If we’re successful there, it will be one of the highlights of my entire ministry!

Please give now to proclaim the gospel in Egypt and put Christian resources into the hands of believers and truth seekers there.

Until the whole world hears,

Propaga el amor de Dios