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Right now all around the world, Josh McDowell field partners are witnessing the stories that God is writing through your gifts and prayers (you can read some of them below).

Men, women and young people worldwide — in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and even right here in the U.S. — are discovering the truth about Jesus…

That He loves us unconditionally and wants to be in a relationship with us.

Right now there are men and women all around the world who desperately need to know Jesus. They need someone to tell them about His grace, hope and joy — and the eternal life He promises to those who follow Him.


YOU can share the message of Jesus in unlikely places

Shyam’s story

Murderers killed his entire family. But God did something powerful in his darkest hour.

In a village in Central Asia, everyone avoided Shyam. He was always drunk or using drugs. He was violent. He fought everyone. He abused his wife. The entire village did their best to avoid him.

One night he had a dream and Jesus appeared to him.

Shyam could not get this dream out of his mind. Shyam found local believers and became a Christian.

You would never know he had once been filled with so much rage. Shyam shares his testimony that as a teenager, he came home once to discover that his family had been robbed and all violently killed. After seeing this he drank and became violent. But Jesus rescued him from this life of darkness.

Today Shyam and his wife are the leaders of a church in their home and use Josh’s books in their ministry. People in the village have become believers because they were so shocked to see the change in Shyam.


Please do pray that my testimony and my
life can bring many people to Christ…”

— Viktor, a former drug smuggler in Central Asia

Viktor’s story

Once a drug smuggler, now a Christ-follower — Viktor shares what led him to Jesus

Viktor was a drug smuggler in Central Asia. One day he was caught with four kilos — almost nine pounds — of heroine. He was arrested and sent to prison.

In prison Viktor became suicidal. “I felt empty inside and did not want to live anymore.” A fellow prisoner offered him a Bible. At first Viktor didn’t touch it. But as he continued to struggle, he finally picked it up.

“I read about eternal life,” Viktor explained. “I desired eternal life, even more than I desired to be released from prison.”

Eventually Viktor called out to Jesus and trusted in Him. By the time he was released from prison years later, he had become a preacher.

Today Viktor smuggles a different type of goods: Christ-centered books, including Josh McDowell books that you and other generous partners provide. He leads a secret church in a barn behind his house and uses every opportunity to share the gospel with those he meets.


Muslim woman praying with hands up at sunset on beach

Imagine the impact of your gift…

Entire families will grow in their faith.

Men, women and youth, especially in closed countries, will learn about Jesus.

Pastors and leaders will be equipped to share truth with more people.


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