Close the Gap

Provide digital resources to

Share the gospel worldwide

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our ministry partners across the world are using digital strategies more than ever to spread the gospel and disciple believers.
God has prepared Josh McDowell Ministry for such a time as this. We already have the digital resources prepared in hundreds of languages.
Your gift today will help us to share the truth about Jesus worldwide through these safe, effective and cutting-edge technologies:
SD cards and USB flash drives These small, discreet tools are loaded with a library of Christian e-books, audiobooks and videos, all translated into the language of those receiving it.
Mobile hotspots
When people connect to our free Wi-Fi, the secure connection allows them to access dozens of Christ-centered books, DVDs, worship music and more.
$88,950 is needed by August 31 to fulfill the most urgent requests from our ministry partners worldwide.

Give digital resources today to help introduce Jesus in a way that will:

Spread the gospel in places where it would be otherwise impossible to do so in person.
Provide safe, private opportunities for new believers to grow in their faith.
Multiply the effectiveness of our staff and partners worldwide since digital tools are less expensive, more easily concealed and reach further than printed books.
$88,950 needed by August 31

Propaga el amor de Dios