Resources for Closed Counties

You can reach OPEN hearts in CLOSED countries!

In eight countries that are closed to the gospel, Josh McDowell Ministry is hoping to provide 386,200 Christian books — including More Than a Carpenter, The Deity of ChristThe New Evidence That Demands a Verdict and others — for truth seekers who have little or no access to Christ-centered resources.

To do this, we must raise $1.6 million.

Your gift now will equip our field staff in these eight critical, closed countries with the books and other resources they need to share the truth of Jesus.

Share Christian resources in eight closed countries!

Your gift now will advance the truth of Jesus in eight countries where governments and religious establishments are resistant, or even openly hostile, to the spread of the good news.

We’re not able to name them, because the safety of our field staff could be put at risk.

The need is so great…

Adelina (not her real name), a student in a country that is very hostile to the gospel, told us:

“Believers shared Christ with me, and after a long journey that started with a very different religious background, the book of Josh McDowell answered my questions and touched my heart. And while I finished the last page, through tears I accepted Christ in my life. My life and destiny were forever changed. I believe God’s light and glory will keep shining and influencing me in my journey of Christian faith.”

— Adelina, Student

Hearts are OPEN to the truth of Jesus in CLOSED countries as never before. But we have to act now!

Ministry opportunities in closed countries — partner now!

In the coming weeks, Josh McDowell Ministry will coordinate with dozens of field staff in eight countries closed to the gospel on the launch of a high-impact, evangelism efforts.

While this work has been carefully coordinated and prayed over, we expect great opposition — from both governments and religious establishments.

Our staff have told us they need 386,200 Christian books to support their all-out efforts.

To meet this need, we must raise $1.6 million before Friday, August 31



One of our field staff shared:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. We continue to need your help. The door is open now, but may not be open long. This is not about me, not even about the people we serve. It is about God. It is about Jesus.

“He is the reason we are sold out to reaching our country for Jesus Christ. God has given us favor now with officials in all areas of our country. And we will work with every breath we have until we can’t do it anymore.

“Please, please pray for us. And please help us with Josh books.”

— Field Staff in a closed country

A special word to you from Josh

I’m hoping and praying that you’ll give now and help raise the necessary funding for the resources our staff have requested. Few organizations are attempting anything of this magnitude. And certainly not in countries so hostile to the gospel.

We and our field staff are depending on God — and His prompting in your heart — to provide the books and other resources that will equip their teams to share the truth of Jesus with truth seekers in the eight closed countries.

I hope and pray you recognize the real urgency to respond in a generous way now.

Thank you.

Until the whole world hears,

Propaga el amor de Dios