Choose, Teens: God’s Way or Yours?

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We All Must Choose: God’s Way or Ours

Your choice: choose God's truth or the world's.
America, under God’s protection, has long enjoyed special status in the world. In part because our nation was founded on a unique Bill of Rights. Rights that have, so far, guaranteed us religious freedom.

If your family happens to be active church-goers, then you likely think there’s nothing special about your being allowed to walk into a church to hear about God. But did you know that in some countries Christians are persecuted, if not killed, for publicly admitting they’re Christians?

Some Americans are working hard to remove God’s influence in our society. Even some of our elected leaders. To label us a “Christian” nation, they say, makes those who choose not to believe in God feel excluded. These leaders don’t recognize that one of our core principles, “One Nation, Under God,” has been responsible for America’s unprecedented blessings. 

We are already seeing America’s decline, as God is pushed more and more to the sidelines.

Removing God from Society

Those who want God removed from society have been busy infiltrating the media; producing movies, television shows, virtual games, and other programming that encourage viewers to develop a “personal truth” of right and wrong, rather than God’s. 

Some statements that have likely influenced your thinking:

  • “It’s wrong for anyone to impose their beliefs on someone else.”
  • “I have the right to do whatever I want, as long as I’m not hurting anyone.”
  • “I can do what feels right to me. Mind your own business.”
  • “That’s your opinion.”
  • “Always listen to your heart.”

That last statement is especially bad advice, given the fickleness of the human heart. You and I are consistently inconsistent in our decision-making. We tend to go with what feels good, what’s easier, what will give us immediate gain. But God’s standards never waiver. His standards help us to live blessed, de-stressed lives.

Surely a Good God Wants Me to Be Happy!

“But if God really does care about us,” says society, “he would want us to be happy. A loving god wouldn’t judge us or send us to hell. That’s just mean.”

My heart breaks at how little we tremble before the Creator of the Universe. As John MacArthur says in a recent article, “While many Christians today think of the Lord in friendly, passive terms, the truth is that none of us would be leaping into the arms of our Father. The testimony of Scripture is clear: All sinners—even strong believers with mature faith—are right to cower in the light of God’s holiness.”

One popular argument that atheists use to oppose Christianity is that, “Its exclusivity makes people feel bad. That divides us, which is bad for society.” To suggest Christians are the reason for society’s current malfunction is just plain silly.  “But,” they assert, “Christianity is dangerous! Look at all the pain and suffering it has caused throughout history!” 

Certainly, much evil has been done in the name of God. But those actions were committed by people who used religion as a means of control, not as a means of selflessly sharing God’s love. Though Christians have definitely been imperfect in their practice of tolerance, Christianity itself provides the only suitable basis for tolerance and human rights. Because when Christians do Christianity right, they act like Jesus. 

Many of our society norms—schools, hospitals, benevolence and charity groups, the high value of human life—evolved because people chose to love and make life better for others.

It’s All About You…Right?

Yeah, yeah, says society, it’s all well and good to do good things for others. But what’s really important is that we live for ourselves! Keeping an eye on numero uno is the key to getting everything we want and deserve! Starting with the right to make lifestyle choices based on our personal view of right and wrong!

So your “personal truth” is the standard you should be following for a happy life?

Hmmmm… so… if everyone is entitled to live life on their terms… how then, could we judge an athlete who feels his “personal truth” allows him to rape any woman he wants to? Could we judge a murderer who feels it’s his “personal truth” to kill? Could we judge a con artist who feels his “personal truth” tells him it’s okay to bilk the elderly out of their life savings? How would you view a fellow student who cheats off your test, because his “personal truth” tells him that he’s owed a free ride to success?

“Personal truth” is not an adequate standard to live by.

When people forsake God’s morality and truth, they live for themselves. Our society already proves this. Just look at the skyrocketing levels of hatred, the upswing in crime. The whole world is angry and acting out. Because people are putting themselves first.

Society actually encourages us to, “Do what feels right.” But in his word, God directs us to “Follow my ways, as they are just.” If your “personal truth” tells you that the world revolves around you, you need to ask yourself how important God is to you.

Think on This: Your To-Do This Week

This week, spend some time thinking about cultural tolerance. Which “truth” will you follow, God’s or society’s?  Choose wisely. Your daily and ultimate joy depends on it.

The Beauty of Intolerance by Josh and Sean McDowellThis blog post has been adapted from the book The Beauty of Intolerance, by Josh and Sean McDowell. To purchase a copy of this and other helpful resources, please visit our Store page.

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