Central Asia

Share Truth in Central Asia

Shine light into the darkness

Central Asia remains one of the most closed regions in the world. Open Doors USA included every Central Asian republic on their 2018 World Watch List, which includes the 50 most dangerous places to be a Christian.

Ministry may be driven underground, but it has not been extinguished. Our staff report that in just one very closed Central Asian country, there are more than 700 small churches. Most of these gatherings have been formed as a result of our staff leveraging messenger apps to share the gospel with young adults who are searching for truth.

Love at any cost

Aliya and Khalil* individually found their way into a Christian group on a phone messenger app. As the gospel was shared, God opened their hearts, and they both became believers.

After a few months of being discipled, they met each other at a local Christian gathering. Individually their love of God grew, and after some time, their love for each other also blossomed. They were happily married but had yet to announce their love of Jesus to their families.

When Aliya’s father found out, he was furious. He pointed a gun at Khalil, demanding they reject Christ. They each refused. A few days later, Aliya’s father came with a police force to arrest Kahlil. She was able to escape and flee the country but went months without knowing what had happened to her husband. Eventually Kahlil was freed from prison and miraculously reconnected with Aliya. Now they are refugees in an adjacent country to their own — witnessing to and discipling other young believers in their home country with the same messenger app that led them to Christ.

“. . . Our desire is to see thousands of multiplying disciples. But it all starts with one changed life.”

— Field Staff, Central Asia

One life at a time

Because of the religious and governmental control in place across Central Asia, our staff are forced to distribute books digitally or on a one-on-one basis. Just owning a Christian book, much less distributing one, can result in imprisonment or worse.

Yet despite the dangers and difficulties, our staff continue to share truth. Recently one of our team members invited a young woman named Roza* to an outreach event. There she heard about Jesus and trusted in Him.

Our staff gave her a copy of More Than a Carpenter to help her better understand her faith. “She thought that she could keep to her old religion and also believe in Jesus. But through reading More Than a Carpenter, she understood that Jesus is the only way to God. Now she continues to grow in her faith as a secret believer even in a difficult and hostile environment,” our staff said.

*Names changed for security purposes

This year our in-country staff have requested 25,000 print and digital resources, all translated into the languages of those receiving them, to help them reach more people like Roza. Will you stand with them and give now to help share truth and see lives transformed — one life at a time?

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