A clear and vital guide to teach the fundamental truths of Christian living to any church group.

What we believe determines how we live. We cannot believe or live out God’s truth unless we know what it is and how it’s relevant to our lives. Josh McDowell, along with his son, Sean, have drawn on a lifetime of work to create The Unshakable Truth, a clear vision of what Christians believe, why we believe it, how it is relevant to life and how we can pass it on to the next generation.

Biblically grounded, spiritually rich, and packed with practical examples and real life stories, The Unshakable Truth Resource Collection forms an inspiring collection of teaching materials. Share them and strengthen your relationship with our Lord.

The Unshakable Truth

Critics have applauded our book’s message. So now Josh and Sean have expanded it into a collection of DVD and study materials that make it’s vital message even more accessible to every church or bible study group.  This book — the crowning work of Josh’s 50 years of ministry — is a spiritual goldmine for pastors, leaders, parents and youth workers — anyone wanting to reveal Christianity’s power in today’s life and culture.

This Resource Guide will guide you to lead a successful 12-week study on:

12 foundational truths of the Christian faith, why they are credible and how they are critical to living out what you believe, how each truth provides relevant answers to the world’s most difficult problems, practical ways to live out these truths in relationship with God and others, and how to pass each truth on to your family and others around you.

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Extend your learning with The Unshakable Truth Journey® Growth Guides:

Each five-session guide, designed especially for churches, church classes, and small groups, is based one of 12 core truths of the Christian faith presented in The Unshakable Truth. More than just a program, The Unshakable Truth Journey® Growth Guides are a tool for long-term change and transformation!

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 “A most incredible comprehensive handbook to learn and absorb the truth of the Christian faith.”
James Burns PhD, president, HomeWord

“Destined to be a classic.”
Jack Graham, pastor
Prestonwood Baptist Church

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