The Unshakable Truth Experience

When 81 percent of Christians surveyed believe the essence of their faith is simply to “try harder” to follow the rules in the Bible1, there’s a problem.

What we believe determines the way we live our lives. So just what is the Christian faith? Is Christianity a set of teachings we are to follow? Is it a relationship with God? Is it a philosophical viewpoint?

THE UNSHAKABLE TRUTH EXPERIENCE PACK is the culmination of over 50 years of ministry experience and evidential research.  It covers the breadth and depth of what the Christian faith is all about and how to live it out in the world around us.

Josh and Sean McDowell present a “Christianity 101” identifying 12 core truths that encapsulate the Christian life and message. These unshakable truths of the Christian faith—the very core of the gospel—provide for us a worldview that defines what we believe, who we are in relationship with God and how to live purposefully for Him.

For just $35.97 (a savings of 25%!), the basic Unshakable Truth Experience Pack includes:

Unshakable Truth

The cornerstone book that unpacks each truth by answering four questions: What is the truth? Why should I believe it? How is it relevant to my life? How do I live it out?


12-session DVD and accompanying study guide to take your individual or small group study to the next level.

Through this Experience you will discover:

  • The 12 foundational truths about God, his Word, sin, Christ, the Trinity, the church and six others that form the bedrock of the Christian faith
  • Compelling evidence to support these truths
  • How each truth provides relevant answers to difficult problems
  • How you can live these truths out in relationship with God and others
  • Ways to pass each truth on to your church, family and the world around you

Barna Research Group, Web site article #264, “Many Churchgoers and Faith Leaders Struggle to Define Spiritual Maturity” (Ventura, CA: The Barna Research Group, Ltd., 2008), 1, 3.

Order the UNSHAKABLE TRUTH EXPERIENCE today! You can know and walk in your identity, purpose, and destiny!

Check Out Our Expanded Packs for Small Groups!

Small Group Experience Pack

  • One book
  • One 12-session DVD
  • Ten study guides
  • $96.52 (Save 30%!)



 are ideal for:

✓      New Members/Believers Classes
✓      New Parents/Preschool Ministry
✓      Parents with Children and Teens
✓      Evangelism and Mission Teams

Premium Experience Pack

  • Ten books
  • One 12-session DVD
  • Ten study guides
  • $194.86 (Save 35%!)



PASTORS: Our desire is that this small group material will launch a congregation on a path of being a biblical worldview church: One that knows what biblical truth they believe, why they believe it, how it is relevant to their lives, and how to live it out in relationship to one another, their families, and the world around them.

—Josh and Sean McDowell

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