East and Southeast Asia

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East and Southeast Asia

The world’s greatest mission field

The regions of East and Southeast Asia represent some of the most populous — and unreached — countries in the world. But that is quickly changing as millions turn to Christ every year.

Pastors and church leaders struggle to keep up with the demand as they disciple so many new believers and shepherd multiple congregations. Our partners focus their work on providing print and digital resources to pastors, leaders and seminary students. Together we also work to provide biblical teaching and book translations in new languages that will expand our opportunities for impact even further.

Equipping the next generation

In East Asia seminary students study for four to seven years before returning home to serve in their local churches. After their ordination, graduates go on to pastor seven to ten churches at a time, each with thousands of members. They work tirelessly, seven days a week, in order to keep up with the enormous demand for preaching and discipleship.

Many graduates leave seminary with nothing but a Bible and the books and resources you provide. That is why Josh McDowell Ministry provides 3,000 graduating seminary students with a Seminary Student Library (including eight of Josh’s books) each year. The books impact countless lives, helping these new pastors grow in their faith, raise their families, preach truth and disciple new believers.

“One ordained pastor has to shepherd more than 10,000 people, far more than they can handle. Josh McDowell books are like extra pastors to go along with the real ones!”

— Ministry Partner, East Asia

Expanding horizons

In Southeast Asia only six percent of the population professes faith in Jesus. Indigenous and radical religious influences abound. Many governments are closed or hostile to Christianity. Yet people, especially the large youth and young adult population, are searching for truth.

Through new partnerships with in-country staff, our opportunities to provide biblical resources have expanded in 11 Southeast Asia countries. In each of these places our partners are asking for more teaching and resources to help them address the spiritual, relational and moral issues facing their churches and communities. This year we have the opportunity to equip them by completing 11 new book translations and providing more than 25,500 copies of books translated into their local languages.

This year we have the opportunity to help reach the world’s largest mission field — sharing biblical training and discipleship resources and impacting millions with the truth. Will you join us?

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