Ministry Around the Globe

Ministry Around the Globe

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Six Key Regions

Josh McDowell Ministry is committed to serving others until the whole world hears about Jesus. In order to maximize our impact, we focus on six regions where our staff are mobilized to share the truth of Jesus using the most effective means possible.

Together we provide apologetic resources and live events that open the door for evangelism and discipleship — allowing us to reach even more people with the truth.

Central Asia

The countries of Central Asia represent some of the darkest and most difficult-to-reach places on earth. Our staff use a strategy of one-on-one book distribution to safely share the gospel. They also use digital resources, including SD cards, e-books and The Digital Discipleship Library, to share truth with even more people. The needs here are extremely urgent as we do not know how long the doors will be open.


Latin America & the Caribbean

For over 55 years Josh and the Ministry have remained committed to training pastors, parents and students in across Latin America. This year we’ll also print and distribute 71,000 books and resources for Cuba that will be used to share the gospel, equip leaders and disciple new believers in the truth.


North America

Josh and our Associate Communicators are focused on teaching pastors, leaders, parents and youth across the country — addressing the moral and cultural issues threatening our faith today. They are also writing books and developing the concept of a “wholeness apologetic” that will help our generation experience wholeness from brokenness.


East & Southeast Asia

Despite government restrictions in much of East and Southeast Asia, millions are turning to Christ every year. This year 3,000 seminary graduates will receive a personal library of Josh’s books. We’ll also translate and print resources into 11 new languages that will be used to reach even more people for Christ.


Europe & Russia

Amidst growing agnosticism and radical religious influences, our staff seek innovative ways to share truth. In Russia our staff use Josh’s books and Undaunted on DVD to bring hope and healing to men and women in drug rehabilitation centers. In Albania our staff leverage digital resources to reach college students. And in Italy our staff use My Journey to reach the 1.6 million visitors who come to the Galleria Academia each year.


North Africa and Middle East

Despite widespread persecution, war and poverty, hearts are open to the gospel like never before. Our staff leverage SD cards, USB drives, hotspots and augmented reality to safely share truth — more than one million evangelistic and discipleship resources are downloaded every month. We also leverage books to engage truth seekers, disciple new believers and equip families to pass on faith.


How you can help

This year our staff and partners have requested 1,836,243 print and digital resources, along with engaging apologetic teaching, to further evangelism and discipleship strategies worldwide. Together we can share the truth of Jesus with 30 to 90 million people!

Give now to help where most urgently needed as we share the gospel and make disciples who live, defend and share their faith — until the whole world hears.


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