Why Do My Parents Make Such a Big Deal about My Hair and Clothes?

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Tiempo de lectura: 2 minI’m not hurting anyone!

Possibly. Depends on how much hair spray you used. After two or three cans of it, your spike can become a lethal weapon. If you bent over and rammed someone it might go right through them.

Parents make a big deal about the way you look for the same reason you make a big deal about the way they look. Think about it.

When your friends are over, why do you panic any time your parents ask permission to come out of their room? You’re afraid your friends will think you have weird parents, right? You don’t really care if people like your parents, as long as your friends think they are normal human beings.

The same is true for your parents. They want their friends to think you are a “normal” teenager because they don’t want them to think you are weird. To a par­ent, a normal teenager is a cross between Wally Cleaver (on “Leave it to Beaver,” if you watch reruns) and Mary Ann (from “Gilligan’s Island”). You have to remember that’s the TV diet on which they grew up. The truth of the matter is a “normal” teenager is more like an alien than anything else your parents or their friends are used to.

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 2