What Does it Mean to be ‘Sexually Abused’?

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Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuteSexual abuse can happen in many different ways. Someone could indecently expose themselves to you; you could receive an obscene phone call; you could be aware that you have been seen by a peeping tom; or if you are under age eighteen, an adult could fondle you sexually or force you to have sex. A violent form of sexual abuse is rape. Another form of abuse is incest, sexual relations of any kind with a family member to whom you’re not married.

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About 41 percent of the abusers in the United States are friends or acquaintances, 27 percent are strangers, and 23 percent are relatives (incest). In fact, nearly 75 percent of all rape and sexual assaults are committed by people known to the victims (Youthworker Journal, Winter 1985).

Taken from Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 184