I Often Struggle With Doubts About My Salvation. Is That Normal?

Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Occasional thoughts about whether or not you are a Christian are common. But to struggle constantly about your salvation is definitely not normal. There are several reasons why you may be struggling.

First, you may not be a Christian. Many people have joined a church thinking they were coming to Christ only to discover later that they never really invited Christ into their hearts. Another reason for struggling with your salvation may be that you have allowed unconfessed sin to accumulate in your life. But a common reason for doubting your salvation may be a poor self-image.

Here’s how it works. You grow up thinking your parents don’t love you. (Most often, this is not the case. They really do love you, they just have a difficult time communicating that love.) You conclude, “if my own parents can’t even love me, I must not be lovable.” This conclusion is reinforced by your friends at school who reject you from time to time. Then you come to Jesus to save you from your sins and make you right with God. But you bring the mentality that you aren’t lovable. Someone who feels this way is often not confident about his relationship with God.

The truth is God does love you. He loves you unconditionally. When you realize this you will overcome many of your struggles about your salvation and will rest in the assurance that you really are a Christian.