How Can I Convince Someone of the Opposite Sex that I Really do Want to Be Just Good Friends?

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Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Every week at school there is at least one JGF (just good friends) game going on. They remind you of soap operas:

Monday — guy meets gal and checks her out while girl meets guy and checks him out.
Tuesday — the guy’s chemistry (or the gal’s, depending on which channel you’re watching) says, “Great potential for a date!” The gal’s chemistry says, “Great potential for the zoo. Somebody better lock the animal up in a hurry.”
Wednesday — guy stalks girl down hallway. Gal hides in bathroom for three hours in fear that he’s waiting outside.
Thursday — guy is convinced she loves him. Gal is convinced he’s mentally deranged.
Friday — guy finally gets the message she’s not interested. Gal breathes sigh of relief, looks forward to making a new friendship. Guy feels humiliated and doesn’t show his face around gal for the rest of the school year. And the soap continues the next week but with different characters. Another potential friendship down the tubes because someone of the opposite sex wanted to be more than “just good friends.”

To play the JGF game you must know the rules of the game.

Rule number one: Avoid being a flirt. Sometimes it is easier to go through your day without blinking. But flirting makes the opposite sex act stranger and weirder than they already are.

Rule number two: Realize that even when you don’t flirt, some guy or gal is going to go ape over you.

Rule number three: When someone does go wild over you, be patient and understanding with them. Don’t lead them on, but don’t run from them either. Keep in mind that in a few days they will realize that you are serious about being JGF. When they finally get that in their head they can relax and enjoy the friendship.

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 117