Abigail on “The Bible and the Telephone Game”

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Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:

The Bible and the Telephone Game

The Variant Reading Myth


Many times you hear that people think that only some of the Bible is true.

Sometimes their reasoning for that is that the Bible is not the same as it was back when Jesus was born. People think that the Bible has changed because maybe they copied a sentence wrong.

But if you look at how the Old Testament had to be written, there was no way anything could be changed.

If a single letter was wrong, then the copy would be destroyed and they would have to start over. Every letter and word was counted and was compared to the original.

People have also found copies of different books of the Bible and they are worded the exact same as the books we have now. Sometimes people don’t care if physical proof shows the Bible is the same, they just go off of what they think is the truth.


Abigail, age 12



Many people believe that something like the telephone game has happened with the Bible — that what you have today is far from what it was really written thousands of years ago.




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Propaga el amor de Dios