Abid’s Story

“I was supposed to be

With those shocking words, Abid* — a Middle Eastern man who was imprisoned and sentenced to be executed — begins his astonishing story.

Abid believed he had no hope of ever being released.

But one night in his cell, Abid discovered that a book had been slipped under the door. In it was a note instructing him to read a chapter, then slip the book back under the door the next morning. The book was More Than a Carpenter.

Over the next six months, the book would appear each day with a note on what chapter to read. Abid read the book several times during those six months.

He never knew who was bringing him the book, and to this day still doesn’t know. But in the process of reading More Than a Carpenter, he came to Christ. After his miraculous release from prison, Abid returned home and led his wife and four children to the Lord as well!



“I cannot forget More Than a
Carpenter, because it was the
bridge that took me to Jesus
Christ,” he says. “That was the
message I needed to understand
— God and His love for me.”

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Until the whole world hears,

*Name has been changed for security purposes.

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