A Mother’s Devotions

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Hi, my name is Holly.

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I have two teenage sons. They are great boys but they are going through the typical stuff that teenagers have to face.

My son Chase asked me one day “Mom how often do you read your Bible?”

I said, “Son I may not pick up my Bible daily but I read scripture daily in the devotionals I subscribe to.”

This conversation led me to Google and through a search for teenage devotionals, I was led to this site. I read your devotionals every morning and take the time to send the ones that I feel like would impact my sons’ lives to them.

I know that probably sounds like a lot of work but I’ve learned as a parent of teenagers you have to go above and beyond in this battle. I shared your site with my FB friends and I also started following you on Instagram. I’m only sharing because it’s amazing how one Google search led me to this.

Thank you for your ministry and I will continue to share.

God Bless!

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Propaga el amor de Dios

Propaga el amor de Dios