7 Reasons the Bible is so Relevant

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(ChristianPost Article) No one in the universe is more relevant than God, and so it makes sense that Scripture (comprised of 66 books) is the most relevant message ever presented. Without God, you and I would not be here. And without the Bible, we wouldn’t be able to discern which things in life are truly the most relevant.

So check out these 7 facts which demonstrate the Bible’s relevance.

1) The Bible explains how you got here.

You didn’t accidentally arrive on the scene. You have a Creator. He is the eternal God. He created the first man and woman as Adam and Eve. You have descended from them. If you miss this huge fact in the first book of the Bible, you may end up missing much of what God wants to teach you in the other 65 books.

2) The Bible explains what God did to reach us even after man chose to sin and rebel against God.

When parents have a child who is missing, they will go to any lengths to find their missing son or daughter. You and I were separated from God because of our sin. He could have allowed us to remain lost forever. Instead, He came after us by sending His only Son to rescue us. The death of Jesus on the cross “paid our way” back to the Father.

3) The Bible explains how you can please your Creator and fulfill His purpose for your life.

How am I to conduct myself so that God will be happy with me? The answer to that question is presented through hundreds of true stories and profound teachings in the Bible. God wants us to know His will for our lives, and so He made sure to send a “love letter” to His children. The Bible presents God’s message of grace and forgiveness for His people. It also reveals how God equips believers to serve others in practical ways.

4) The Bible explains how God can heal your heart after you suffer disappointment.

Everyone experiences a broken heart at one time or another. And only our Creator can put us back together. No amount of counseling can achieve the healing that God can work deep within us. When your heart has been broken, there is nothing more relevant to you than getting it fixed. And God is the great Fixer. Tweet

5) The Bible explains how to experience fulfillment in relationships.

One of the most challenging things in life is to maintain strong and healthy relationships. There are various factors which tend to work against this desired goal, and perhaps the biggest obstacle is our own selfishness. This makes it tough at times for us to fully connect with others. The Bible teaches God’s people how to make those connections in a way that promotes love, peace and unity. It is the best relationship manual ever written.

6) The Bible explains how to receive strength when you are feeling weak.

One might assume that a relationship with God will prevent hardships from touching your life. But as all of God’s children eventually learn from firsthand experience, that simply isn’t the way life works out. Everyone goes through periods of discouragement, weakness and weariness. The Bible illustrates how God’s strength empowers us especially when we feel the weakest. And of all the surprises in the Bible, that is probably one of the biggest.

7) The Bible explains the way a person can live forever in paradise.

Most people want to live forever in heaven. Even those who say they don’t believe in heaven still want to live forever in a happy place. You and I were not created to die. We were created to live forever with God. Through faith in Jesus, a person receives the free gift of eternal life. The Bible clearly spells out the path to paradise.

I hope you are beginning to see why no one is more relevant than God, and why no book is more relevant than the Bible.

Those 7 reasons are truly phenomenal. So go ahead. Dive into God’s Word. Soak in it everyday. Millions of books have been written, but only the Bible provides the ultimate explanation for life on earth, as well as life beyond the grave. Not only is Scripture #1 in terms of relevance, but there is not even a close second.

So are you ready to learn about relevance from the One who wrote the Book on it?

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.



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