Shine the Light of Jesus into the 10/40 Window region

$282,400 urgently needed by June 15

The 10/40 Window region is an area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia located between 10 and 40 degrees latitude, north of the equator. This region is:

  • Home to two-thirds of the world’s population
  • Hostile to Christianity
  • Made up of the least evangelized countries
  • Lacking Christian resources

$282,400 urgently needed by June 15 to provide Christ-centered books, videos and digital tools loaded with resources to reach into these closed countries and share the truth about Jesus.

Reach people in the 10/40 Window region with the truth about Jesus!

Every dollar you give will help reach people with Christ-centered resources!

When you give today, you’ll help reach those desperate to know Jesus with resources that have been translated into their language:


Christ-centered books like More Than a CarpenterEvidence That Demands a VerdictThe Right Choices Bible and more.


Digital tools such as SD cards, USB drives, hotspots, mobile apps and other digital media loaded with resources that will safely share the truth about Jesus.

$282,400 needed by June 15

Persecuted but not deterred

Pastor Parsa is a ministry partner who lives in the 10/40 Window region. In 2017, he was arrested after secret police raided his small church.

His crime: Being a Christian.

The evidence: A copy of More Than a Carpenter.

The punishment: Three years in prison.

Last December, after serving three years, Pastor Parsa was finally released. Today, he is back doing what God has called him to do… sharing the gospel!

As persecution, arrests and confiscation of banned books like More Than a Carpenter continue, Pastor Parsa and other brave evangelists are counting on you.

Please give to help our ministry partners living in the 
10/40 Window region share the truth about Jesus!

The MOST EFFECTIVE way to reach people in closed countries

Through the resources you can provide, countless men and women living in the 10/40 Window region will . . .

  • Have access to Christ-centered resources otherwise unavailable to them.
  • Learn the truth about Jesus through discreet, easily concealed materials.
  • Become followers of Jesus and be discipled in a safe environment.
  • Shine the Light of Jesus into their closed countries, to win others for Christ.


$282,400 needed by June 15

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